Children’s Picture Books

Looking for some great stories to share with your family? Our children’s picture books or JPs [Juvenile Picture books] are organized by popular subject areas and then alphabetically by the author’s last name.  For example, The Very Hungry Caterpiller by Eric Carle  would be found under “Favourites”. The sticker on the spine of the book would read: FAV JP Carle.


Animals (ANI): Moo! Baa! Neigh!  These books are about animals and their real behaviours. You won’t find talking hippos or bunnies having tea here!


Celebrations (CEL): Let’s celebrate! This collection includes our holiday books: Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, multicultural celebrations, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, weddings, birthdays, and parties.


Concepts (CON): ABC and 1,2,3. Here you’ll find books about the alphabet, counting, colours, shapes, time, opposites, and more.


Favourites (FAV): More Pete the Cat, please! Find the most popular characters, authors, and illustrators here.


Folk & Fairy Tales (FOL): Here there be dragons. You’ll find the classics like Cinderella and The Three Bears, as well as fractured fairy tales, modern fables, and traditional folk tales too.


Growing Up (GRO): These books are about common childhood experiences including: potty training, manners, going to school, going to the dentist, emotions, family situations and relationships, going to bed, divorce, self-regulation, getting a pet, and more.


Nature (NAT): Lakes, mountains, sea and sky. If you can find it in nature, you can find a book about it here - weather, seasons, gardens, space, and more.


Rhymes & Songs (RHY): Knick, knack, patty whack… This section is for Mother Goose, books in verse, and books based on nursery rhymes and songs. It also includes any books that are written in rhyme.


Stories (STO): Still haven’t seen something you want? These are the special gems that don’t fall into the other categories -  we promise you’ll  find something to spark your imagination.


Transportation (TRA): Beep! Toot! Rumble, Rumble! These are the books that go: cars, trucks, planes, trains, buses, bikes, and more.


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